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Network & Infrastructure Support

Let our expert technicians help you design a winning IT strategy and simplify your information infrastructure with integrated network solutions.

Craytek has the ability to design, engineer, furnish, install, and test LAN/WAN infrastructure and network support components that will support your critical mission needs. Craytek can also implement network monitoring solutions and provide network managed services following installation.

Craytek can also provide training support for your team members enabling them to sustain network operations. Craytek is up to date on all the latest DOD and DISA mission assurance/security requirements and will ensure the installation is in full compliance.

Craytek can provide a wide array of sophisticated advanced technology solutions. We can install or upgrade your organization’s network or we can design a full blown network service delivery point. We are highly experienced with all of the following:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions and Services
  • NIPRNET segments
  • SIPRNET segments
  • Network switches and routers
  • Storage Area Network solutions
  • Firewalls
  • Microsoft Servers (Full Family)
  • Solaris servers
  • Unix/Linux servers
  • Server Farms and Server Virtualization Solutions
  • Network Service Delivery Points
  • VTC Systems
  • VOIP Solutions
  • CISCO Media Server
  • Intrusion detection systems (including wireless IDS)
  • Video surveillance security solutions
  • Thin-client solutions
  • Wireless network extension segments

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