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The U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute Program

U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute

Craytek increased the web presence of the Army Freedom Team Salute program resulting in an increase in online Commendations and growth of the Army Community, resulting in a significant saving of costs.

Customer Challenge

The customer’s use of an antiquated website made it hard for online users to commend others and learn about the program. As a result, the customer used other more costly means to spread the word of the program and to have Army supporters Commend others.

How Craytek Helped

Craytek first identified and aggregated relevant data from the customer’s current website. Craytek then completely overhauled the current website into one that was much more robust easy to use. The website was fully 508 compliant and met all the Army’s security standards. The new website had a quick and efficient commendation system as well as a private area for volunteers who were then able to submit online forms and view online reports.

Results Achieved

The customer’s implementation of Craytek’s recommendations optimized its past-due online strategy by completely redesigning their website. As a result, the customer increased average online commendations from 20 a day to over 150 a day.

The Army Diversity Office

U.S. Army Diversity Office

Craytek was tasked with taking mockups from a design team and porting that over to a functional website on a very tight timeline.

Customer Challenge

The customer needed to deploy a website for their new program that met their high standards of quality in a limited amount of time.

How Craytek Helped

Craytek took on the challenge to develop a website that adhered to the customer’s marketing strategy and messaging. The website was completed ahead of schedule and was given rave reviews by the Army community.

Results Achieved

Using a variety of new technology, the Craytek web team created a website that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

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