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Audit Findings and Actions Tracking System

Under a subcontract with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Craytek assisted in the replacement of a legacy Audit Findings and Actions Tracking System implemented in Microsoft Access with a modern web application, utilizing Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Workflow Foundation and Oracle enterprise database technologies. The system was designed to allow government auditors to import audit findings collected during contract compliance evaluations into the system, and then track official actions carried out by contractor and government users to monitor and record corrective actions for each finding.

Customer Challenge

The new system was required to be accessible nationwide by Navy personnel and contractor staff via the Navy’s private network, and to send contractually required notifications to users regarding official actions on findings.

Customer policy at the time prevented use of 3rd party software libraries, yet stringent DoD security requirements still had to be met and a diagram-based workflow editor had to be implemented.

How Craytek Helped

Craytek performed requirements analysis by meeting with stakeholders to discuss work process, security (DISA STIG), database design (Oracle), user interface and systems interface requirements, and by analyzing customer operating procedure documentation, legacy Microsoft Access/Visual Basic source code and legacy database schema.

Craytek created wireframes to define the user interface for the entire web application, which were instrumental in helping the customer understand, discuss, revise and gain approval of all proposed web pages prior to any code being written. The wireframes established the overall layout, look and feel, and functionality of the pages, and were used by both government and contractor developers as design models.

Craytek implemented the Workflow, Notifications and Correction Action portions of the system, which were among the most complex and challenging parts of the system. In addition, the workflow system was expanded from a serial to a parallel flow system, which now enables up to 3 users to concurrently perform tasks on a finding independently via sub-workflows, and still later merge the work back into a single flow for the final approval process.

Results Achieved

The finished system includes an advanced workflow system that includes the ability to delegate work to subordinates, provides a custom editable diagram of each workflow, and records all task assignments and completions into an audit trail that allows users to retrieve detailed process history for each finding.

The Corrective Action portion of the system tracks any number of official actions per finding, supports user upload of attachment documents as objective evidence of actions, and sends automated alerts to users notifying them of pending actions.

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