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Contractor Performance Assessment
Reporting System (CPARS)

Craytek upgraded a legacy CPARS for the U.S. Navy by converting it from a Java Applet requiring problematic client-side updates to a modern Java web application.

Customer Challenge

The customer asked Craytek to upgrade the CPARS application to make it fully integrated with the collaborative workflow engine that exists in their established Livelink Enterprise Content Management application.

In addition, the agency wished to remove the security risks associated with the old software’s Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) system, and leverage the same Java web application framework already utilized in their other enterprise applications (Apache Struts).

How Craytek Helped

We met the challenge by removing the RMI coding and replacing the legacy CPARS Applet with a modern Java web application based on the Struts framework. The approach here was to improve productivity and efficiency for completing Navy mandated CPARS, by eliminating dependence on the troublesome browser plug-ins and implementing a single, easy to use tabbed web form.

Now the users can interact with the CPARS form as it is passed along a custom workflow that is specifically designed for each agency branch. Craytek was able to deliver a high quality product quickly with the use of Apache Struts web development framework.

Results Achieved

Collaborative workflow processes are central to modern business success. Craytek helped the Navy agency leverage their existing workflow engine by integrating the CPARS web application. At the time of the deployment, hundreds of contractor assessment workflows were migrated to the new system.

Now members of the agency can perform annual contractor assessments without the hassle of maintenance-heavy client-side updates, and they can do so with easy access to current contract management data.

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